Novo Nordisk - split 2:1 (Jeu The Bull)

par el gringo, dimanche 03 septembre 2023, 10:10 (il y a 224 jours)

Réalisation le 13/09

Novo Nordisk’s B shares are listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen in trading units of DKK 0.20 and its ADRs that equals B-shares of DKK 0.20 are listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

In order to secure liquidity for both the Novo Nordisk B shares and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) and bring price levels in line with market practice for especially the ADRs, the Board of Directors has decided to split the trading units in a two-for-one ratio.

The trading unit of the Novo Nordisk B shares listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen will be changed from DKK 0.20 to DKK 0.10 as of 13 September 2023. The ADRs listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) will similarly be split as of 20 September 2023 to ensure that the ratio of B shares to ADRs will remain 1:1.

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Novo Nordisk - split 2:1

par el gringo, mercredi 20 septembre 2023, 18:57 (il y a 207 jours) @ el gringo

le split est effectif aujourd'hui pour le NASDAQ


Novo Nordisk - division par 2

par jmp ⌂ @, Boulogne/Mer, mercredi 20 septembre 2023, 19:12 (il y a 207 jours) @ el gringo

Concerne Cyrille et BLACK MAMBA:

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